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Who are Van Levy?


I'm not
He's that guy over there

I'm not
He's that guy over there


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What is this site?

This is a resource site for folks who like Role Playing Games that are games that you play by rolling dice. And, usually, not "normal dice".

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Poly Dice

Poly Dice

For the real terms and conditions, use this link.

Or not. Who are we to tell you what to do with your life?

When should I use this site?

When you're bored and would rather have fun playing RPGs? And specifically when the RPGs you want to play require strange dice and the people you are playing with aren't in the same local space.

Illegal disclaimer: Batteries, players, and rulebooks not included. Some assembly required. This website was made without the input of any RPG system and is designed to be used after you have purchased the official books, icons, dice, figurines, supplements, and/or other merch. Images of your friends having fun may not match the ones in your head. Any voices you hear are subject for concern. Side-effects of using this site include: stomach aches, chest pain, & incontinence due to laughing too hard, delusions of dragon-slaying, nerf-herding, universe-saving, plasma-sword using, & laser-blasting, addiction to our awesomeness, and general awesomeness on your part. We are not responsible for: loss of time due to overuse of these resources, loss of hair due to bad rolls, loss of mind due to malevolent GMs, TPKs, players that break planned story-lines, players that stampede cattle through the Vatican, rules-lawyers, newbies, n00bs, hackers, slackers, crackers, bushwhackers, bounty hunters, con-men, ex-cons, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, mugs, pugs, thugs, or Unitarians.

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Where do I go to...

join a game?

If you have a direct link, you can just paste it into your browser's address bar. If you're logged in, you should go straight to the game. If you're not logged in, you will be prompted to do so (or register); once you're logged in, you will be redirected to the appropriate page. Once you are in the room, you can change your Avatar using the "Switch Avatar" Button.

You can also join a game (and select your Avatar at the same time) if you have the Room ID (which is just a number) and the Passcode (if your GM has set one up). Go to the Hub Page for the dice type you are using and enter the information into the appropriate spaces. (All links in the Dice drop-down menu go to Hub Pages.)

create a game?

First, pick your dice type and navigate to the Hub Page for it. Inside each Hub Page, there is a link to make a room for that dice type.

edit my profile, make a new avatar, edit an Avatar?

The "Meeple" drop-down menu will give you links to go do all of the above. (And more!)

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How do I ...

get players into my game?

The easiest way for a GM to get players into a game (or 'Room') is to use the Direct Link. With the Direct Link, players only need to copy / paste that into their browser.

There's two places a GM can find the Direct Link. The first is on the Hub Page for that dice type. (All links in the Dice drop-down menu go to Hub Pages.) Once you're on the Hub Page, look for a plus button ( ) for your room; clicking that reveals info that only GM's can see. Clicking on the copy button ( ) will put the link in your clipboard; you can paste the link into an email to your players. The other place you can find the link is in the Room Info page. Inside each Dice Room is an info link ( Room Info ) on the top right. Follow that to find the Direct Link (and other info about the room).

The second way for players to enter a room is for them to navigate to the Hub Page and use the Room ID and Passcode. GM's can find this info in the same places as the Direct Link. The only real difference between the Direct Link and the ID & Passcode is that a player entering with the ID & Passcode can also select their Avatar at the same time. Players entering with a Direct Link will be signed in as their Username (but can change to a new Avatar at any time.)

find new players?

We have no general chat or general communications within our site. The only way that you can communicate with other players (while on our site) is in a Dice Room. All direct links (or other invites) will have to go through your own (outside) communications. (You know, send an email or something.)

add a Character Sheet to an Avatar?

Once an Avatar has been made, on the Portals page and Profile / Avatars page, you should see all of your Avatars, with all of their information (Name, Description, Image, and if a Character Sheet has been added). You should also see a button that will take you to the page to add a Character Sheet to that Avatar. On this page, you can add, remove, or change a Character Sheet.

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Why should I use this site?

Why should you do anything? Does it matter? Even if it does matter, does it matter that it matters?

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