Using the Mutant: Year Zero Dice Roller

Joining a Room

There are two ways to join a room: Use a Direct Link or the Room ID and Passcode.

  • If you have a Direct Link, paste it into your browser.
  • If you know the Room ID and Passcode, you can enter them (and choose your Avatar) while in the The Zone.

Once inside a room, a player can change their Avatar by using the Switch Avatar button.

Making a Room

To make a new room, you must be in the The Zone, and then click on the button (bottom right) to make a new room. You will be asked to give the room a Name and choose to have the room Open or Closed.

  • Open Rooms can be joined by anyone who knows (or guesses) the Room ID.
  • Restricted Rooms require a Passcode to enter; when you create one, you will be prompted for a Passcode.
  • If you send the Direct Link to your players, it will have the Passcode embedded.
Getting Room Info

There are two places you can go to find Room Info.

  • Inside each Dice Room is an info link ( Room Info ) found on the top right of the page (next to the Profile Drop-down). Both Players and GMs can use this link, but GMs have access to more information.
  • (GMs only) Once you're on the Hub Page, look for a plus button ( ) for your room; clicking that reveals info that only GM's can see.
GM Controls

GMs have additional privileges in their rooms. (The user who creates a room is GM by default.) GMs can:

  • See more information about the room (including Direct Links, Passcode, etc.)
  • Ban/Unban players; GMs can also make a player the GM for that room.
  • Archive a room. Archived Rooms are hidden (but still accessible) on the The Zone; they also have Dice and Chat turned off.

Dice Mechanics

Skill Check Dice
  • Base Die Base Die - The number you roll is based on the Attribute tied to this check.
  • Skill Die Skill Die - Based on Skill Level, but can be modified, based on the difficulty of the action.
  • Negative Skill Die Negative Skill Die - If modifications take the number of skill dice negative, this die is used instead.
  • Gear Die Gear Die - Based on the gear you're using.
Other Dice
  • D6 D6 - Outputs 1-6
  • D66 D66 - Outputs 11 - 66
  • D666 D666 - Outputs 111 - 666
  • Numerical Dice Numerical
Successes and "Negative Successes"

In order to succeed in a roll, there must be (at least) one uncancelled Success Success pip.

  • "Negative Success" Negative Success pips cancel success pips one-for-one.
  • If there are multiple (uncancelled) Success Success pips, any (beyond the first) may activate "stunts".
  • A roll with no uncancelled success pips is a failure. (E.g. two successes and two negative successes.)
Trauma and (Gear) Damage

Trauma and Damage pips only count if a roll has been pushed.

  • Trauma Trauma pips are found on the Base Die; they impact one of the character's basic Attributes.
  • Damage Damage pips are found on the Gear Die; they reduce the bonus from a piece of Gear.
  • See the Core Rulebooks for how these results play out narratively.
First Roll

On a player's first roll, there is no inherent danger (other than failing the roll).

The "1" face on the base and gear die ( Base 1 and Gear 1 ) have no further meaning, other than not being a success.

If a player chooses to push the roll, only dice showing just numbers are re-rolled.

Pushed Roll

After resolving the first roll, players may push the roll to try to gain more successes. However, the risks of Trauma and Damage increase.

Base and Gear faces that were "1" ( Base 1 and Gear 1 ) now count against the player, and are shown as Pushed Base 1 and Pushed Gear 1.

In addition, any new base or gear die that rolls a "1" automatically counts against the player.

Negative Skill Dice

Based on the difficulty of the attempted action, the number of Skill Dice can be modified. Tasks that are very easy can gain Skill Dice, while those that are hard can have Skill Dice removed, even going into the negative range.

If, after the modification of the roll, there are a negative number of Skill Dice, instead of rolling standard Skill Dice , Negative Skill Dice are used. While Regular Skill Dice give a Success Success pip (on a roll of 6), Negative Skill Dice give a Negative Success Negative Success pip.

Each Negative Success Negative Success pip cancels one Success Success pip.

Numerical Dice
  • In the Mutant Year Zero, Numerical dice are not used, except as a GM sees fit.
  • By default, the Numerical Dice are set as d100.
  • You can change the number of sides by selecting the "100" and typing the desired value.

This info card doesn't have enough info. Here's a picture of the D100, in case you haven't seen one before.

That's better.


Core Rule Books (CRBs)

These are just a few examples.


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